MORE than a dozen families have been forced out of their homes after a burst water main flooded a town street.

On Sunday morning, emergency services were called after a burst to a large water main caused flooding on Maunsell Way, Hedge End.

The flood meant that households across the SO30 were without water for hours and now a total of 16 families have had to be moved into hotels whilst their homes are cleared of water.

Firefighters from Hightown, Botley and Eastleigh responded to the incident which saw water diverted to keep homes in supply, and now calls have been made by the areas MP for a full investigation.

Daily Echo: Firefighters respond to a burst water main at Maunsell Way, Hedge End. Photo from: Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service/Twitter.Firefighters respond to a burst water main at Maunsell Way, Hedge End. Photo from: Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service/Twitter.

A spokesperson for Southern Water said the company will continue to support those who are currently in hotels until the clean up is complete.

“We re-routed water around our network to keep customers supplied yesterday and our team is currently planning the repair so it will cause the least disruption.

“We’re sorry for the disruption this emergency has caused.”

It was not said how many homes had been affected but it is possible that properties in SO30, SO31, SO32, PO14 and PO15 could have seen a water shortage.

Paul Holmes, Eastleigh MP, later told the Echo: “The flooding in Maunsell Way is extremely concerning and I feel for the families who have been affected.

“Southern Water have repaired the burst pipe but I also think we need an investigation to into what happened so that this doesn’t happen again.”

Leader of Eastleigh Borough Council and Hedge End South ward councillor, Keith House, added: “Southern Water has a history of failure and flooding in Grange Park. Each time we are told there will be no repeat, yet here we are again.

“Southern Water has failed this community again. Privatised water has not worked, with Southern Water already being under scrutiny for dumping excrement in our rivers.

“The company is unaccountable and water should be returned to public control”.

This comes after a Southern Water main also burst in Botley in May.

A spokesperson for Hampshire County Council said: “The issue of the burst main which caused flooding to some homes in Hedge End is for Southern Water to comment on.

"Our understanding is that both the company and emergency services reacted promptly to make repairs and support those affected – around 24 households.

"Our own emergency planning team were on site quickly and made arrangements to provide a rest centre for those residents should it be needed, and this was closed down before 7pm on the same day, with residents wanting to return to their own homes at the earliest opportunity.”