It's not everyday you get a world famous pop star visit your pub for dinner.

So when One Direction star Louis Tomlinson visited The Woolpack in Sopley for dinner on Monday night, it's safe to say staff were a bit shocked.

The world famous singer, who topped the charts with bandmates Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Harry Styles and former member Zayn Malik, popped in to the picturesque thatch cottage pub near Christchurch for a spot of dinner.

And it was the perfect leaving present for much-loved local landladies Teela and Dee Liberty-Spark, who hand over the keys to new owners at the end of the week.

The couple, famed for their food menu - and Dee's homemade pies - weren't aware the superstar singer would be coming for dinner.

Dee told the Daily Echo: "We were out but apparently he had phoned earlier to ask if we were serving food.

"Our bar maid didn't think anything of it - he didn't leave a name - and we often get enquiries like this.

"But when he walked through the door, Keith our bar man, immediately recognised him.

"I mean he's so famous, I don't know anyone who wouldn't know him.

"When we walked back in, my initial reaction was to just leave him alone.

"We had some of the people from the bible college in, who are quite young - 18 and 19 years old - and then it got quite giggly in the pub.

"After he finished his dinner - he had one of our chicken, leek and bacon pies - I approached him and asked if he would mind having a photo taken with them.

"If he'd have said no, I wouldn't have minded at all. 

"But he was lovely and said it wasn't a problem."

Dee added: "Everyone left him alone after that. He's probably the most famous person we've had in the pub in our time here.

"It was definitely not your average Monday night."