OVER £1m is set to be contributed towards the upgrade of a bridge in Eastleigh.

Hampshire County Council has agreed to contribute up to £1.14 million towards Network Rail’s upgrade of Campbell Road Bridge.

The bridge is a Network Rail asset over the London to Bournemouth main line, but it carries the only highway access to rail-locked land on the other side of the tracks.

In approving the spend on November 18, Cllr Russell Oppenheimer, executive member for highway operations at Hampshire County Council, said: "While the bridge itself is not our responsibility, I believe it is important that we do what we can to secure the best solutions for residents and businesses, and I am pleased that we have been able to negotiate with Network Rail as they plan their works to ensure Campbell Road Bridge remains safe and fit for purpose for the volume and weight of traffic it already carries.

"Without this financial contribution Network Rail would strengthen the bridge only to their legal obligation of 24 tonnes and this would result in a signed weight restriction of 18 tonnes.

"As this road bridge is the only access to an otherwise rail locked area of land that contains 175 homes and also businesses, such a restriction would obviously have a detrimental impact on the local businesses and community area."

The council's contribution will enable the bridge to be strengthened to cope with all currently permitted vehicle weights, avoiding the need for future weight restrictions which would restrict access for businesses and services for residents.

To achieve the required weight capacity, 40 tonnes, additional structural strengthening will be required that will include repairs to the existing girders and pier supports underneath the bridge.