A POPULAR English folk and punk rock musician from Hampshire has named a Southampton live music venue as his favourite place to perform.

Singer songwriter Frank Turner has built an impressive, worldwide fanbase throughout the duration of his career, but Southampton is somewhere close to his heart.

Turner names The Joiners Arms in Southampton as his favourite venue in an interview with The Big Takeover, describing it as "the quintessential small, local, independent venue."

He grew up in Winchester, so frequently visited Southampton (usually in secret) to watch acts and perform himself.

Speaking to the Echo, Turner said: "My parents were not into modern music at all, so I had to sneak out to get to my first show to watch a band called Snug, at a venue called The Joiners Arms, in 1995 or so.

"I was likely too young to be allowed in, but made it anyway, and loved the show. Since then I've been to The Joiners more times than I can count. I've played there endlessly as well, including many landmark shows for me, including my old band Million Dead's last ever show, loads of headline shows, including doing two benefit shows on the same day for my 31st birthday.

"I've made lifelong friends with the gang there, and in lockdown I did my second venue benefit livestream show to help keep their heads above water.

"In many ways they're the platonic ideal of a small venue for me. It's just the right size, the right vibe, the right place.

"I'll be back there again before long no doubt."