An EASTLEIGH couple have launched an online fundraising campaign in order to save the eyesight of their much loved Jack Russell, Lina.

Around three years ago, Lina, who is now seven, ran into a thorn bush, injuring her eye.

At the time, vets told owner Rob Crook and his wife that Lina had an impact cataract, and that although she could lose her sight in her right eye, because of her age they may not want to have it operated on.

But now, years later, the couple from Eastleigh have been told that Lina has a cataract in her other eye and that they need to pay for around £5,000’s worth of surgery in order to save her eyesight.

As a result, Rob, a 31-year-old dog walker, football coach and Youtuber has now launched an online GoFundMe page in order to raise the money needed.

Daily Echo: A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Lina keep her eyesight.

He told the Echo that although Lina is insured, she is only covered for up to £1,000 on each eye and described the situation as a “shock to the system”.

Having previously owned a cat who passed away due to a brain tumour, he said they had been made aware of just how much vet bills cost, but added that pet owners aren’t told this when they get a new animal.

Through his Youtube channel, he put out a video explaining their predicament and said the response has been “mindblowing”.

Having only launched the fundraising page just days ago, already over £1,200 has been raised towards the £3,000 target.

Daily Echo: A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Lina keep her eyesight.

Rob said: “I was expecting a couple of hundred pound. Because I’ve mainly got an Australian audience, I post my videos at 7 in the morning and I woke up at 8 and it was at £500.

“They get to know me through the videos but it’s just crazy what people will give for something because they’ve never met me.

“To be at just over £1,200 is just insane but what it’s also done is, the stress and the anxiety has slightly been lifted.”

The GoFundMe page for Lina can be found here: Help Fix Lina's Eyes