TWO MEN filmed themselves launching a sexual attack against a woman in a Southampton hotel room.

Rameen Farooqy and Pankaj Bangarh treated their victim no better than an object for their own sexual amusement, a court heard.

Judge Peter Henry said that the duo stripped the woman of her dignity and degraded her by filming her in the most embarrassing fashion.

He said that there was clearly evidence of severe psychological harm due to the traumatic assault.

Appearing before Southampton Crown Court, Farooqy, 25, and Bangarh, 27, each stood to be sentenced for attempted rape and a single count of sexual assault.

They denied the allegations against them, however, were found guilty of all charges following a trial at the same court earlier this year.

Judge Henry, recalled some of the facts of the case and how the attack had been recorded on a mobile phone.

He described how the woman from the Southampton area was “out of it” and “all but unconscious” while being sexually assaulted.

In video clips, she was said to have been shown lying on the floor naked.

Farooqy even encouraged his codefendant to attack the woman, the court heard.

Prosecution barrister, Rob Byrne read out extracts of the woman’s victim personal statement.

It said: “In my dreams, I try to fight off my attackers but my arms don’t work. “

She said that the two men had made her existence painful.

Meanwhile, her family said the attack at the Winston Hotel in Archers Road, had caused a life-long impact.

Defending Farooqy, Iain Suggett, argued that “they did not abandon her in the street, they took her home” following the incident on August 4, 2018.

Meanwhile, Rebecca Lee for Bangarh, said: “He is ashamed of what happened and he is deeply regretful.”

“In my submission, this is quite out of character,” she added.

Farooqy, of Arundel Drive, Harrow, and Bangarh, of Halsway, Hayes, London, were each jailed for eight years.

They must register as sex offenders for life and have been made the subject of an indefinite restraining order not to contact their victim.