A RETAILER is celebrating the success of its store opening in Hedge End by pledging to plant more trees in the area.

Flooring Superstore will add a seed to its scheme for every product it sells in November.

And as part of its ‘Black November goes Green’ initiative, it is also going to give away £500 worth of flooring to one lucky winner.

Shoppers have been flocking to the Hedge End Trade Park site since it opened at the end of August.

Sales during the first two months of opening were 25% over the original target, with 59% of customers who visited during this period ordering flooring on their first visit.

Ian Robinson, regional manager, said: “We couldn’t be happier with the initial success of our Southampton store and would like to thank everyone who has supported us since we opened.

“It’s still early days of course but the location of the store is exceptional, and we are expecting to see even higher numbers during November which is the peak season for flooring.

“To recognise this, we are pleased to be running our Black November goes Green event and to be able to give £500 and other prizes away.

“Perhaps even more importantly, we are delighted to be able to increase our tree planting programme as part of our pledge to lower our carbon footprint and help the environment.”

Flooring Superstore invested £175,000 in the opening of the 3,700 square foot outlet which created four new jobs for local people.

Hedge End was the 18th store launched by the retailer since April 2021.

To thank local people for their support, anyone who visits the store in November is being invited to take part in a free draw, with various discounts being given on flooring with £500 being the top prize.

And in addition, also during November, Flooring Superstore is pledging to plant two trees for every square metre of flooring it sells.

This is on the back of this month’s UN climate change conference in Glasgow. It has already planted over 3.5 million trees in just over a year via its sustainability programme.

Mr Robinson added: “Very few national retailers have expanded as rapidly as we have over the last 18 months and despite everything the pandemic has thrown at the retail sector, successful store openings like Southampton demonstrate we were correct in taking this approach.

“Being able to supply every type of flooring, such carpets, real wood, laminate and artificial grass, under one roof so people don’t need to shop around is definitely one of the key factors in the success; another is being able to sell this flooring at online pricing, reflecting our origins as an e-commerce retailer less than ten years ago, and waiting until the right location comes along is also important, and Southampton is a perfect example of this.”