PLANS for a new takeaway in Southampton have been approved – and it will be the 30th on the road.

Rio’s Piri Piri is set to open a new branch in Portswood Road at the site once occupied by October Books bookshop.

The move is expected to result in 12 new jobs.

Some residents raised concerns over the number of takeaways in the area.

But the plans were approved by city councillors.

At the meeting of the Planning and Rights of Way Panel held on Tuesday night (Nov 23), local resident Jane Jameson spoke in objection to the proposals.

She said: “There’s already a disporportionately high number of restaurants, takeaway, pubs.

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“An additional one would be excessive. Such long hours would lead to increased noise and disturbance.”

The new takeaway will open from 7.30am to 11.30pm Monday to Saturday and from 7.30am to 11pm on Sundays.

But Shahid Sarraz, national franchise manager for Rio’s Piri Piri, told councillors that the company will put in place measures, such as filters, to reduce noise.

Planning bosses previously said the number of eateries along Portswood Road reflects the nature of the area as a designated district centre and the number of hot food takeaways nearby is not considered excessive for the area.

They also said the new takeaway “would not give rise to material harm in terms of noise and disturbance to neighbouring occupiers”.

The panel unanimously approved the plans.