A HEDGE End resident has faced backlash for his "very offensive" sign on the front of his house.

While most people are preparing to decorate their homes with bright tinsel and Christmas trees for the upcoming festive season, Millers Taxi owner Timothy 'Dusty' Miller has adorned his house with a large banner.

The taxi company boss, 72, has installed a large banner depicting who is believed to be Father Christmas driving a 'UK charity boat', asking 'who am I Boris?'.

The banner also shows small signs which read 'free pick up guaranteed', 'free smart phones' and 'free entry no paperwork', amongst others.

Mr Miller has previously displayed a giant swastika from the front of his home in protest against the European Union ahead of the referendum in 2016.

Daily Echo: 'Dusty' Miller in front of his previous banner'Dusty' Miller in front of his previous banner

Some Hedge End residents have heavily criticised the latest banner online, citing the 27 people who died crossing The Channel on Wednesday.

Mr Miller insists he is making a point that others are cowering away from.

He said: "I think everybody should scream from the rooftops about the stupidity of it all. Yes, you have to be compassionate, but you are dismantling the society in this country.

"I put the poster out there and I don’t care what people think about me.

"The question on the poster ‘who am I Boris’ is aimed at the Prime Minister because without any paperwork, who knows who this person is? Nothing has been done about this.

"They should take robust measures to stop any boats landing on our shores. 

"I feel sorry for people who are in this position but they have paid fortunes to come over.

"Sadly what happened yesterday (November 24) with the boat had to happen.

"It’s amazing it hasn’t happened on this scale before.

"They are illegal immigrants and they know the risk."

Mr Miller's banner has caught the attention of Eastleigh Borough Council.

Councillor for Hedge End South, Keith House said: "The council is aware of this very offensive sign and we are looking at how we can use planning enforcement to get it removed."

Southampton Action, an organisation that works to support refugees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable groups in Southampton and further afield, have responded to the banner.

The group is keen to focus on the "outpouring of public support" they have recently received.

A spokesperson said: "Southampton Action prefers not to comment on the actions of individuals. Instead, we prefer to focus on the outpouring of public support that we have received from the wider Southampton community over the last few months.

"The people we are supporting who have claimed asylum in the UK have faced difficult and dangerous journeys after being forced to flee their homes, and therefore many arrive with very little other than the clothes they are wearing.

"We will continue to work alongside other organisations to provide a warm welcome and practical support to those arriving in the area.

"In light of the horrendous loss of life this past week in the Channel, we are calling on the government to create safe routes for people to claim asylum in the UK and as part of the Together With Refugees coalition we are campaigning for a kinder, fairer and more effective approach to supporting refugees."