POWER has gone down across Hampshire as Storm Arwen continues to batter the county.

According to SSE (Scottish and Southern Electricity), more than a dozen postcodes are currently without electricity, with issues reported in Totton, Eastleigh, Winchester and the New Forest.


It comes as winds of 65mph have hit the county.

The addresses currently hit are:

  • SO20 6AB
  • SO24 9DQ
  • SO43 7GB
  • SO43 7GD
  • SO43 7GE
  • SO43 7GF
  • SO43 7GG
  • SO43 7GH
  • SO43 7GJ
  • SO43 7GL
  • SO43 7GP
  • SO50 9HQ
  • SO50 9HT
  • SO51 0JR
  • SO51 0LG
  • SO51 6FQ
  • SO51 6FT

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