IT’S the long-established firm providing fitness and fun for hundreds of Hampshire families.

A.O. TaeKwondo was founded by Alex Overy in 1994 and has been an important part of the local community in Romsey since 2017, running classes and workshops in and around the area.

Alex told the Daily Echo: “TaeKwondo has been proven to benefit children and adults in many ways, improving focus, confidence, concentration and is even beneficial in improving academic results.

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“Classes are open to all and families can train together regardless of age or ability.

“It’s a real family activity, teaching our children respect and discipline. Helping to keep ourselves safe and learning martial arts in a controlled environment.

“We have a great club spirit and mutual support with an open-minded attitude and it’s inclusive of all ages and abilities.”

Within 24 hours of the Covid lockdown announcement last spring, classes were up and running on Zoom.

Fees were reduced to allow those members suffering financially to carry on training and the business has actually grown in numbers during the pandemic.

“Keeping fit and maintaining wellbeing were a necessity during a difficult time,” added Alex. “Keeping the club running regardless became a priority over expansion.”

The club follows the style of Chang Hon Tae Kwon-Do. The sport can lead to better health and fitness, greater coordination, self-esteem and confidence. As well as learning Taekwondo skills and self-defence, lessons are fun.

Participants are encouraged to progress through the various coloured belts.

A.O. TaeKwondo is hosting an open afternoon at Mountbatten School on Saturday January 15 between 2pm and 4pm, which is set to include demonstrations, entertainment, refreshments and a chance to have a go.

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