A TOTAL of ten stolen motorbikes have been recovered by police in Southampton as part of a crackdown on crime.

Officers from the Southampton West Neighbourhood Team recovered a grey Honda CBR650F and a Repsol CBR125R from the green area behind the Coxford Community Centre on Olive Road today.

They reported on Facebook that one of the motorbike had been stolen recently from Redcar Street in Shirley.

Fortunately, the bike was equipped with a tracker which allowed officers to recover the bike within an hour of it being stolen.

The found a second motorbike, which has been taken from Nursling a few weeks ago, while recovering the tracked bike.

Both motorcycles were collected by grateful owners.

Police say that during the last three weeks the Neighbourhood Team based at Redbridge have recovered ten stolen motorcycles at various locations around the Southampton West area.

A spokesperson from Hampshire Constabulary said: "A couple of these have been as a result of the community talking to us, some because the vehicles were equipped with a tracker and some because we were looking in the right places.

"Unhappily, many more have evade us through the dangerous driving they’ve demonstrated. No regard for the safety of anyone.

"Just a selfish attitude to escape Police and ignore the rules of the road and laws of the land.

"We will continue to tackle the problem of illegal motorcycles but we need your help. Do you have photographs, Video, Dash Cam or CCTV of illegal motorbikes in action?

"We ask for any information from the community, who is stealing them and where are they being stored? In almost all cases we cannot chase these bikes.

"The risks to the rider, the officers chasing and other road users and pedestrians is too high.

"Often the illegal motorbikes ride at speed across public spaces and pavements to evade Police.

"No one wants to see a bystander clattered into by an illegal motorcycle evading Police, risking serious injury or even death."