ARE YOU looking to face your fears while learning about the rich history of Southampton?

Then look no further than not-for-profit Supernatural Tours and Events, a Southampton-based theatrical events company that offers ghost tours that specialise in the history of Southampton.

Friends Andrew Frewing-House and James Kemp created the company, which was inspired by Andrew's love of local history.

Andrew said: "I’m from Southampton, and we started doing our tours here because I loved going to places like The Tudor House and The Dancing Man Brewery (when it was a museum,) when I was younger and I was fascinated by the historical side of the town.

"My friend and I run the company between us and we offer something different. There is a lot of interest in our ghost tours and it’s become very popular.

"We change the tours quite a lot to keep it unique. We act in the tours, and all of the characters are based on real people. We learn more and make it a little bit different.

"It’s a really fun thing to do and it’s completely different."

The tours often attracted visitors from across the globe, but exploring the city and its history was put on hold when Covid-19 struck.

Andrew said: "It’s been a very difficult time as a small business. We did a couple of online tours and workshops. But, since reopening, it’s been more popular as people are desperate for some form of normality. It has been really busy.

"The reason why we do it is because we enjoy it. We do the tours as volunteers, we never got into this wanting to make a big profit, we do it for the community and people. We love doing it.

"It’s nice that people still come out and enjoy the tours. We receive some good feedback."