A SOUTHAMPTON man has once again adorned his home with an abundance of Christmas lights in a bid to make people happy.

Subway worker Lee Jenkins, 26, decorated the home he shares with his father on King George’s Avenue on Sunday, November 28 to spread Christmas cheer.

Lee and his father have decorated their house for over a decade, but for the past two years, have covered the house with festive lights earlier than usual.


Lee Jenkins Christmas lights in King George’s Avenue, Southampton

Lee Jenkins' Christmas lights in King George’s Avenue, Southampton


Lee said: "I love Christmas, it’s a magical time of the year. With Covid, it’s nice to do it and you know that you are making other people happy as well as yourself. When you shut the door, you know that the lights are making people happy outside.

"We have got a couple more lights this year, we try to keep up with it. There are also three inflatables, two snowmen and Santa, at the front of the house. We have a snow machine as well.

"We never usually have other people here put lights up, so it brings people together. People have said to us ‘it’s really good what you are doing’. That’s what we want to hear, we just want to try and help if we can.

"I still get that buzz of seeing it all lit up and it’s my house."


Lee Jenkins with his father

Lee Jenkins with his father


The lights have only been up for less than a week, but the Christmas spectacle has already attracted numerous visitors.

Lee said: "In about four days, we’ve had lots of people coming past and people are parking on the roads to take photos. We wouldn’t do it if we didn’t get that response. A lot of people expect it from us now, we have been doing it for over 10 years.

"We know what it brings to the community, and it’s nice."