A HAMPSHIRE veterinary practice has vowed to halve its carbon footprint by 2030 after winning an award for the steps it has already taken to help the environment.

Seadown Veterinary Services in Hythe has secured a bronze accolade from Investors in the Environment for reducing waste, setting an example to other practices and businesses in the area, and helping to drive change across the entire veterinary industry.

The national environmental accreditation scheme, known as iiE, aims to help businesses save money, implement good working practices, and reduce their impact on the environment.

Seadown staff had already begun to use less paper and replace single-use hats and gowns with reusable ones when they became involved with iiE.

"They duly identified which of their own working processes had the greatest impact. They then made firm pledges and commitments to reduce waste and optimise efficiency and set up protocols and policies to measure progress," said a Seadown spokesperson.

"Their ambitious plans will mean Seadown will halve their carbon footprint by 2030 and achieve net zero before 2050."

Seadown vet Amy Jackson, the driving force behind many of the changes made by the practice, said: "The suffering wild animals are going through as a result of climate change troubles me greatly.

"I started to try to make small changes in my own life and then came across the veterinary sustainability movement.

"I began reading about all the ways our industry could make changes to reduce our impact on the planet. Many of these changes were simple to implement and it struck me how much could be done if we really started to focus on this area."

Kate McMorris, one of Seadown's directors, added: "Seadown are so proud of Amy and all the team who have made this possible.

"We can all make a difference and it has never been so important for every individual and every business to help secure the health of this planet for future generations.

"We are committed to ensuring Seadown continues to be a responsible, valuable and key part of this wonderful New Forest community for the next 100 years."