FESTIVAL-goers have expressed their anger after organisers have decided to scrap cash and card transactions.

Boomtown bosses are replacing cash and card transactions, replacing it with the use of RFID wristband technology.

The announcement was made on Facebook and explained how RFID works as well as the pros of the technology.

Unlike bank cards, the RFID technology that is built into your wristband doesn’t rely on WiFi.

It’s based entirely on a closed loop system that is not connected to any banks.

It allows people to keep track of how much credit they have remaining and also reduces the risk of loss and theft.

However, the move has created a stir on social media with many people against the idea.

One social media user said: "Just like beer tokens at a concert!

"We have real spendable money for a reason and it costs nothing to produce like an RFID wristband so people have to prepay for drinks and food they might not need.

"100% nobody will want that at any festival or event."

Another added: "Had this and it failed at Galtres Festival years ago!

"People couldn’t get their unused credit back, and even after requesting a refund, it either took about 3 months to get it back or just offered credit on the next festival."

Another said: "Don’t do it! Download tried it one year and it was a disgrace. There’s nothing wrong with cards and cash!"

But some people have welcomed the move, claiming it is a win-win.

One person said: "I’m totally up for this! Have been to a few other festivals where they’ve done this and it was absolutely fine, budget for how much you want to spend, bar queues are much faster which is always good!

"I know I’m not going to lose my cash somewhere.. win win!"

A second added: "Very happy for this system to be put in place. From previous experience (when well managed and organised) it’s safer, quicker and less hassle than carrying cash."