All non-essential UK travel to France will be banned by the French government from Saturday, the BBC reports. 

People who are traveling from the UK will need to have a negative Covid test from less than 24 hours ago. 

Once in France, travelers will have to self-isolate for a week. 

However, quarantine time can end after 48 hours if you get a second negative test once in France.

The news comes following fears of the rise in Omoircron cases in the UK as yesterday hit a record high of positive cases at over 70,000. 

Daily Echo: A Eurostar train headed for France. (PA)A Eurostar train headed for France. (PA)

In a statement from the French Government, they've said that this is a need to have a compelling reason to travel and they will not allow travel for tourism or business reasons. 

French nationals and their spouses and children will still be able to visit France.

Adding that "vaccinated people must present a negative test (PCR or TAG) of less than 24 hours, which is in line with the rules already in place for unvaccinated people."

There will also be an app that all UK travels must register on prior to their trip and provide the address for their stay in France, so travellers can be checked they are following the strict guidelines.