COVID rules are being strengthened in response to the Omicron variant, but what does this mean for Christmas?

Face coverings are compulsory in most indoor public venues, including theatres and cinemas - as well as on public transport and in places like shops and hairdressers, and people are urged to work from home where possible.

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The new rules have left people asking a lot of questions and made them consider what they are going to do for Christmas, especially as the UK's wave of Omicron infections could reach 1m a day by the end of December, the government’s most senior public health adviser has warned.

So it's no wonder people are feeling confilcted. 

Here's what our readers had to say when we asked if Omicron is making them reconsider their Christmas plans.

  • "Yes, delaying the plans for seeing my grandparents. Christmas Day and Boxing Day. No change, staying local and low key."
  • "Not really, having a low key Christmas anyway. Just all making sure we LFT before we are friends and family. Not rocket science, just be as safe as you can!"
  • "This country is an absolute shambles! I will do what I like this Christmas."
  • "No I am not changing my plans, but I will be ensuring we all have lateral flow tests to protect my grandparents who will be joining us, and we are all vaccinated apart from the little ones."
  • "Boris ruined Christmas for everyone last year, won’t let him do it again this year."
  • "Absolutely not. We will carry on taking our precautions to keep our family safe (LFTs, masks and ventilation) but I am not being dictated by fear or an incompetent government."
  • "Christmas gathering was cancelled and I refused three invites to friends parties. But I will make up for it when the NHS can cope in case needed."

Do you agree with what has been said?

What are your plans for the festive season?