RESIDENTS have been warned to use blue badges correctly after more than 100 cases of misuse.

Eastleigh Borough Council says that over the last year, its Civic Enforcement Team has dealt with 130 cases of blue badge misuse.

The team, which looks after on-street parking on behalf of the county council, says most of these cases have taken place in and around Eastleigh town centre.

Through working with the county council, some people have been caught misusing the badges and prosecuted, but now, leading up to Christmas the team says it will be even more proactive in making sure blue badge holders can park in the appropriate location.

A council spokesperson said: "We will be checking that the right people are using the correct badges, and plain clothes officers will also be in attendance."

The most common ways that Blue Badges are used incorrectly is said to include people using expired Blue Badges, counterfeit Blue Badges, using a Blue Badge when the badge holder is not present and even using a Blue Badge that belonged to a person who has died.

The council's Cabinet Lead for Transport Cllr David Airey said: “It is important that we ensure Blue Badges are used correctly and by the person that it has been issued to. Preventing misuse is an important service that is provided to ensure legitimate Blue Badge holders can park closer to their destination.”

A Blue Badge is provided to people who have mobility issues and helps them park nearer to shops and other destinations.

It allows the badge holder to park in designated parking spaces or on some single or double yellow lines and is issued to an individual rather than to a vehicle, so it enables the badge holder to use it with any car they are travelling in including taxis and hire vehicles.