A DIRECTOR of a cancelled festival has said no more refunds will be made despite some saying they still haven’t received theirs.

Michael Hlavaty, the director of the company behind the cancelled Park Proms festival at Romsey’s Broadlands Estate, has ruled out any further refunds.

This comes as he claimed all refunds have now been completed.

Despite this however, some say they still have not received there refunds and have been left frustrated after emails and phone lines were turned off for the company soon after the cancellation due to the pandemic.

One customer, Michelle Smith, had previously spoken out after her daughter purchased tickets with her friend worth £120, but despite applying for a refund, never heard back.

She has now said: “I went to the director of the company and they haven’t even replied. It’s beyond a joke. This is people’s money.

“At £60 a ticket it’s not cheap. It’s just annoying that they’re taking people’s money but they’re not giving back the money they’ve already taken.”

Park Proms 2021 was due to take place on August 27 and 28 but following the cancellation, it was announced that the event would be moved to 2022 and that customers could apply for a refund, or carry there tickets over to the next year.

Mr Hlavaty, director of Southampton based, Podium Events Group, the company behind the event, said people who had bought tickets to last year’s show could transfer their tickets to the new event.

“We’re looking forward to our show next year and we’re hoping to start selling tickets in the new year. All tickets from this year have been rolled over to 2022.

“The tickets can be rolled over to next year or transferred to someone else. We understand it’s frustrating but we’re working to our terms and conditions.”

Richard Jordan Baker, director of Broadlands Estate, said they still planned to hold Park Proms 2022 with many of the same headline acts as 2021 scheduled.

Big names such as Pixie Lott, Scouting for Girls and Eliza and the Bear were expected to perform in 2021.