PEOPLE living near a Hampshire supermarket are demanding action after a rowdy car-meet said to have involved up to 300 vehicles.

The unauthorised gathering, which took place at Morrisons in Spruce Drive, Totton, has sparked complaints about anti-social behaviour and dangerous driving.

Locals say they had to put up with the sound of revving engines and honking horns, plus a haze of smoke drifting over the neighbourhood.

Police officers arrived to find a "large number" of vehicles leaving the area and no arrests were made.

Now residents are urging Morrisons to keep the car park locked at night to prevent any similar incidents in the future.

One woman who lives near the supermarket estimated that the car-meet involved around 300 vehicles and lasted for an hour.

She added: "The car park was full of vehicles revving their engines and honking their horns. They had big exhausts and the noise was horrendous.

"When police arrived cars started zooming off, with some people 'hiding' their vehicles in local streets.

"Morrisons could help the locals by putting a barrier on the entrance to the car park because at night vehicles donut and skid around the car park."

The car meet followed similar incidents at the nearby Calmore Industrial Estate last year.

Totton councillor David Harrison said: "There are places where car enthusiasts gather and do no real harm. But experience has shown that many of the people involved use these meetings as a chance to show off and do things more appropriate for a play station game than real life.

"Left unchecked, there might well be a tragedy.

"Perhaps the organisers of these informal gatherings could make themselves known and there could be talks to see if their needs can be accommodated at a location that is more suitable than a supermarket car park and in a safe manner that need not involve a heavy police presence."

A Hampshire police spokesman added: "Officers were called at around 9.20pm on Sunday following reports of a car-meet taking place in Totton.

"On attendance a large number of vehicles were seen to be leaving the area. Police enquiries remain ongoing at this time. No arrests were made."

Morrisons added: "We are in contact with the police and do not tolerate any form of anti-social behaviour in our stores."