TWO more patients with coronavirus have died in Southampton in the last 24 hours, figures show.

There were two more coronavirus deaths recorded in the latest 24-hour period in Southampton, bringing the total up to 396 deaths, as recorded at 5pm last night.

It means there have been two deaths in the past week, which is an increase on one the previous week.

A total of 523 cases were also recorded in the city in a 24-hour period.

A total of 50,563 people had been confirmed as testing positive for Covid-19 in Southampton when the UK coronavirus daily dashboard was updated on January 5.

The rate of infection in Southampton now stands at 19,996 cases per 100,000 people, lower than the England average of 20,701.

Across the UK, the number of recorded cases increased by 193,814 over the period, to 13,835,334.