THE MOTHER of a three-year-old with leukaemia is fundraising for the “perfect solution” to one of the many challenges her daughter faces.

Sophie Newman, 31, from Portswood, has been fundraising for a dry suit for her three-year-old daughter, Callie.

The suit is so that the toddler can go swimming and have a bath without getting an infection.

Callie was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in September 2021, aged two, and has since been having chemotherapy.

However, water poses an infection risk due to the central lines used to deliver her chemotherapy.

Sophie said: “As leukaemia is a blood cancer and needs chemotherapy, there is a risk of infection, especially in water, which is why we are raising money for the dry suit.

“The central Hickman line goes straight into Callie’s veins to deliver chemotherapy, but it can’t get wet due to the infection risk. If it gets infected, it can be dangerous.

“Callie hasn’t been able to have a bath for four months, I have to wash her with warm water and a flannel.

“She absolutely loves the water too, so it’s devastating to think she wouldn’t be able to be in the water.

“The biggest impact for us as parents has been the financial strain, and seeing your child so poorly and knowing there is nothing you can do. We keep as positive as possible for Callie and remain really upbeat.”

Sophie launched the fundraiser on January 3, and as of Wednesday, January 5, £450 has been raised.

She said: “The suit, which costs £280, isn’t a great deal of money but there are a lot of expenses when you have a child with a serious illness, including hospital appointments, parking and more.

“We have already raised £450. It’s incredible, and I didn’t expect it at all and am quite lost for words. I will use the extra money to hire a warm, private pool once a week to take Callie swimming.

“I didn’t expect the amount to go past the target.”

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