A SOUTHAMPTON DJ who ploughed his car into the front of a family home has been locked up for breaching his suspended sentence.

Sal Chitulu smashed into a semi-detached home at the junction of Oswald Road and Victoria Road just 24 hours after an earlier motoring ban had expired.

The crash in March of 2020 caused damage to the kitchen, garage door and front steps.

Chitulu, 40, was found guilty of dangerous driving following a trial at Southampton Crown Court last year.

He had already confessed to charges of failing to provide a specimen of breath, driving without insurance and possession of cocaine.

He was handed a 15-month jail sentence but walked free after the term was suspended for two years.

However, as punishment, he was ordered to complete 280 hours of unpaid work but over recent months, Chitulu failed to attend some of these sessions.

He also failed to turn up for a court review claiming he had covid.

Chitulu was hauled back before Southampton Crown Court on Thursday for breaching his suspended sentence to which he admitted.

His barrister, Lucie Taylor, argued for him to be given one last chance adding that he has been living a law-abiding life in the community.

She added that he has been suffering from severe depression.

However, Judge Christopher Parker QC slammed Chitulu’s claims there had been a “break down in communications” with the probation service.

Adding, “unfortunately” he had to activate the court order.

Chitulu was jailed for nine months.

During his trial last year, it was heard that was previously banned for drink driving in February 2019.

He told the jury that he had two medium glasses of white wine and that his foot ‘slipped’ prior to crashing into the home in Victoria Road.

He said: “As I attempted to brake, I put my foot on the brake pedal and my foot slipped and hit the accelerator.