A SOUTHAMPTON MP has made calls on national TV for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign.

Last night on ITV'S Peston, MP for Romsey and Southampton North Caroline Nokes described the PM as a "liability" and said that he "either goes now or goes in three years time at a general election".

Ms Nokes called on Boris Johnson to resign on the show after she recognised "the fantastic job" he did winning the election in 2019.

She said on Preston, which airred last night on ITV: "There are a lot of MPs in Parliament who owe their seats to him, and there are also MPs like me who recognise that the Prime Minister when it came to winning that election in 2019 did a fantastic job.

"A job where he reached out to parts of the country that the Tories had not previously been able to win.

"But now, regretfully, he looks like a liability and I think he either goes now or he goes in three years time at a general election, and it's up to the Party to decide which way round that's going to be.

"I know my thoughts are that he’s damaging us now, he’s damaging the entire Conservative brand with an unwillingness to accept the strictures that other people have lived by."