These pictures were taken almost 250 years after Brockenhurst School was first formed.

In the early days, the school had just 20 pupils - 10 of them boys, 10 girls – all of them underprivileged.

The founder, William Thurston, was born in Brockenhurst in the late 17th century and later became coachman to George Baker whose family home was Brockenhurst Farm.

Henry was buried in the churchyard of St Nicholas Church on September 10, 1745.

Daily Echo:

It was part of Thurston's will that the school be opened, which took place on January 1, 1752.

The location of the first school is unclear, although it is thought to have once been at the house of Matthew Reynolds before moving to Ash Cottage.

A new school building and house were completed on the present site in Sway Road in April 1863.

Daily Echo:

Brockenhurst Church of England Primary School now has a capacity of 210 pupils – vastly different from the days of just 20 students.

These pictures were taken in the academic year of 2000/01 and show pupils enjoying a variety of educational activities.