If you’re tightening your belt, here’s how you can cut your household bills, avoid unexpected winter costs – and get support if it’s all just too much.

January’s tough, gift-shopping has emptied our savings, credit card bills are landing, and for some, the tax return deadline is looming. No wonder we’re all counting down the days until our next pay day. To help you stretch your money as far as it’ll go, we’ve gathered some tips to help reduce your water and energy costs this winter.

Get cosy without the cost

When the temperature drops, your costs can rise. But you can get cosy without splashing out. Here’s how:

  • Making a cuppa? Only boil the amount you need and you could cut the energy cost of a cuppa by a third. If we all did it, the UK could save over £1 million a week!
  • Putting on a load? Leave the laundry and dishes till you have a full load. Skipping just one load a week could save you £7 a year – what better excuse to put your feet up?
  • Feeling handy? Check your taps and toilets for leaks. Testing for a leaky loo is easy and could save up to a litre of water a minute. While fixing a dripping tap could spare up to a bathtub a week and save you £7 a year.

Simple, everyday changes like these can help cut your water and energy bills. It all makes a difference. If you’re after all the savings you can get, discover more ways to save water in and around your home. 

Protect your home from burst pipes  

The colder months are expensive enough without the added cost of calling a plumber or replacing damaged possessions. That’s why now’s the time to protect your home from winter emergencies like leaks or bursts.

The best way to stop your pipes from freezing and bursting is to lag them. When you want to stay warm, you put on a coat. Lagging does the same thing for your pipes – and it’s simple to do. Here’s how to lag your pipes.

If emergency does strike, would you know how to turn off your home’s water supply? Get to know your stop tap. It’s usually found under the sink or stairs. Find your stop tap and check it’s working, so you know what to do in a crisis. These are just some of the simple things you can do to prepare your home for winter.

If you’re struggling, we’re here to help

Even if you’re doing all you can to keep your costs down, you may still be worried about your finances. If you’re unsure how you’ll pay your water bill, we can offer you a range of financial support.

We already help over 118,000 customers with their bills. If you’re struggling, please call us for free on 0800 027 0363 to find out what support we can offer you.

With these savings and support, let’s beat those January money blues.