STUDENTS are continuing to lobby the University of Southampton over its "chaotic" plans for in-person exams.

As previously reported, the uni will host some tests in a hall, despite 7,000 of its students voting for them to be held online like most subjects.

Now, the president of the Student Union has raised concerns over social distancing and a "lack of clarity".

Ben Dolbear told the Echo: "I'm disappointed that the University has decided to press on with in-person exams this month. By an overwhelming majority, as evidenced in the results of our recent All-Student Vote, students do not want exams to be in-person, because they are worried about the risks of Covid for themselves and for vulnerable family members.

"In addition, pictures have been shared with me showing that there is a distinct lack of social distancing in exam rooms, with some suggesting they have had to sit closer to peers in exams than before the pandemic.

"There is also a lack of clarity from my colleagues in the University about, regarding Covid symptoms, when it is appropriate to attend an exam and when it is not.

"Furthermore, there is no clarity over support available to students who are required to miss an in-person exam due to self-isolation, leading some to suggest that they will actively decline to test for Covid-19 prior to attending an exam, leaving all students at increased risk.

"The situation is chaotic, and we are still calling on the University to change its mind on in-person exams."

The uni continues to insist that it will hold in-person exams, and that all the correct measures are in place.

A spokesperson said: "All our exam halls have been fully risk assessed for appropriate COVID-19 measures and our advice to any student feeling unwell ahead of their exam is to contact The Student Hub where they will be given the support they need.

"The Student Hub is a 24/7 support centre which students can either call, online chat with or email for advice on a range of topics."