CONCERNS have been raised about road safety at an expanding primary school with cars parked on pavements.

Parents whose children attend St Mark’s Primary in the Freemantle area of Southampton are worried about the number of cars parked on pavements at drop-off and pick-up times.

They want to see stronger measures in place, particularly as the school has expanded.

The council has put in place two new crossings on Shirley Road near Dyer Road, and on Howard Road near Stafford Road, with five continuous crossings at junctions on Shirley Road and Howard Road due to be finished by March.

But Mums Claire Mcclean and Ellie Quick told the Echo of their concerns.

Ellie said: “We have noticed illegal parking outside and around all the time. People shouldn’t be driving on the pavement and blocking it.”

Claire added: “While I am dropping off my daughter at school, it gets too busy and we find it frustrating.

What if there is a car coming and I am not holding my daughter’s hand and something happens?”

Fed up with inconsiderate drivers, they believe cameras and cones should be put in place to deter drives.

Dad James Racheter said: “I hate it with passion. I am starting to get a little bit concerned about this road.  “I think blocking the road as they do at Freemantle school would be a nice idea.  James believes that the problem will be solved if the school gets more volunteers and install temporary fences to block the road at a certain time of the day.  “I think it is going to take a bit of adjustment for the residents as well as they will experience a lot of extra people around,” he added.

Freemantle ward councillor Steve Leggett said: “There are many local independent businesses clustered in this area and we have conflicts between cars parking on pavements and causing obstacles to pedestrians, so we are starting a campaign to improve safety.”

Councillor Jeremy Moulton, deputy leader at the city council, said: “We are aware of parking pressures in the area, and we are actively working with St Mark’s and the local community, as part of the school expansion, to develop options that will make it easier and safer for parents and children to travel to school.”