A SOUTHAMPTON business with sustainability at its heart has moved behind the wheel of a vintage milk float – which has appeared in Call the Midwife.

Made In Here (MIH) was created three years ago by independent business champion Cecilia Abert, with the aim of changing the souvenir market.

Since then, Cecilia has moved Made In Here from being solely online, to selling in Southampton shops and hotels, and, most recently, buying the milk float to sell her products on Southampton Common.

She said: "I started MIH as a Southampton souvenir brand with lots of local things. The idea was to really change the whole souvenir market, stop products being made abroad, and things being overprinted with 'I love Southampton'.

Daily Echo: Made In Here creator Cecilia Abert with the company milk float at Southampton CommonMade In Here creator Cecilia Abert with the company milk float at Southampton Common

"Everything has a story and all the products are about storytelling. Everyone loves a story, and I love chatting to people and they always bring up something about their family, travelling, something they've seen or heard, and you really engage with people that way."

Cecilia sells a variety of Southampton-related items, from handmade candles and body products to keyrings, coasters and cards.

The new addition to the Common has been warmly received by walkers, runners and city residents and visitors.

Many have taken to social media to express their joy at finding something different in the popular outdoor space, and love the sustainability aspect of Made In Here.

Daily Echo: The Made In Here milk float at Southampton CommonThe Made In Here milk float at Southampton Common

Speaking on sustainability, Cecilia said: "Sustainability is really at the heart of the MIH range and is the root of everything. Heritage and 'localness' is one thing, but sustainability is paramount.

"It's about making things locally and using local ingredients, rather than relying on imports. This goes right down to the packaging. For example, our hand balms, as with all our body care range, is made in the New Forest using Hampshire ingredients.

"We try and use local ingredients as much as possible. I will only use packaging that is biodegradable or at least recycled.

"The playing cards we sell are printed in a local factory and they are the world's only, to my knowledge, eco-friendly playing cards. There is no plastic.

"Everything is eco-friendly, and all the products, even the float, are sustainable. It's really important because it transcends generations.

"The kids these days, my own included, are so passionate about their planet and the future and it's the little things that we can do everyday that will make the difference."

There is no set timetable for the Made In Here milk float, but you can find the MIH team on The Common most days.

To keep up-to-date, visit https://madeinhere.co.uk/ or search Made In Here on Facebook.