A NEW book inspired by a child with ASD and ADHD has been published with a bid to raise vital funds for a Hampshire youth charity.

Inspired by his son who has ASD and ADHD, film director Phil Claydon has created a children's book and partnered with charity, Youth Options, to make sure Giant Fin really makes an impact.

The message of the book is about discovering we are all unique and different. A shark with a giant fin sets off on a quest to find another shark that looks like him.

Daily Echo: Author of children’s book, Giant Fin, teams up with local charity.

For every book sold, 10% of the profits will be donated to Youth Options, a Hampshire based charity that empowers children and young people to build social and emotional skills, engage with learning, and make positive decisions.

Phil Said: "I’m excited that Giant Fin has partnered with Youth Options.

"The message of Giant Fin to all children is, to be different and be bold. Partnering with Youth Options reinforces this very important message. I am very proud of this partnership.

"My son would come home from school saying 'I want to be normal. I don't want to be different.' We would tell him that being different is what makes him unique. The world needs different.

"So Giant Fin was written to reinforce this message for my son and all the other children who feel the same around the world."