HAMPSHIRE employer Ageas is boosting Hampshire’s air ambulance along with others around the country after staff chose to support them with a year of fundraising.

The Ageas charity committee decided to back Air Ambulances UK, the national organisation supporting all 21 regional air ambulance charities.

The insurer, which has around 1,000 people at Ageas House in Hampshire Corporate Park, has made the cause its charity partner for 2022.

On average, air ambulances can reach those in urgent need within 15 minutes.

One Eastleigh employee of Ageas, Rebecca Beaumont, said the cause was particularly close to her heart.

She said: “In September 2014 I was enjoying a Saturday out in Milton Keynes town centre with my three children. I was holding my youngest daughter’s hand but in a scenario that is every mother’s nightmare it was so busy that I got separated from my two older children while we were crossing the road.

“Everything from this point forward is a bit hazy and time seemed to stand still as I saw my son being hit by a car and thrown along the street while my oldest daughter’s foot was run over.

“The police and ambulance staff were amazing. Part of the town centre was cleared so the air ambulance was able to land nearby. The paramedics arrived on scene quickly and began providing life-saving treatment immediately. They explained that because of the chance there could be a head injury the best hospital to go to was in Oxford so my son was flown there while my older daughter was taken by ambulance to Milton Keynes hospital.

“For approximately 24 hours my son’s memory was affected and he was very confused about where he was and what had happened. His memory of that day has still not returned.

“To the amazement of doctors, the only other injury he sustained was a fractured pubic bone and thankfully he and his sister have now made a full physical recovery.

“I am so grateful to the air ambulance for their assistance that day and am delighted that Air Ambulances UK have been chosen as Ageas’s charity partner for 2022.”

Ageas has set up a fundraising page at justgiving.com/campaign/Ageas2022