MORE THAN a hundred Southampton University Hospital workers are still not vaccinated against Covid-19, figures suggest.

Across England, millions of people have been triple jabbed in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, but thousands of NHS staff are yet to have a first dose.

Pressure is mounting for these NHS staff members as the government's mandatory vaccination rules mean they must receive a first jab by February 3 and be fully vaccinated by April 1 to continue working in frontline roles.

NHS England data shows 97 per cent of the 12,454 health care workers at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHS) had received at least one vaccination by the end of December, meaning 353 were unvaccinated at that point.

The figures also show 11,774 workers had received two jabs – 95 per cent of staff – and 10,129 had received a booster dose (81 per cent).

According to the Trust, a total of 170 staff have not yet received any Covid-19 vaccinations.

But UHS has said it always prioritises the safety of its staff and patients and continues to encourage staff to be vaccinated.

A spokesperson said: "Current figures show 96 per cent of all UHS staff have been vaccinated. Amongst our approximately 13,000 employees, at this time we understand that 170 clinical staff have not yet received any vaccinations.

"Throughout the pandemic we have always prioritised the safety of our staff and patients at the heart of our decision making. 

"Our commitment to our COVID ZERO approach to minimise hospital viral spread remains absolute, in order to continue to protect the most vulnerable members of our community and the vitally needed healthcare services we deliver to them.  

"As part of our wider infection prevention strategy, a small number of staff who have declined the vaccine have been redeployed away from patient-facing roles. 

"This is part of the Trust’s commitment to do all it can to protect staff, patients and the broader capacity of our workforce to support our services.   

"Staff have been offered access to expert advice and guidance about the vaccine to support any questions or concerns they may have.

"For any individual staff members affected, we have set out a process that ensures that, whilst they are temporarily redeployed to our roles that are not patient-facing, their permanent job and pay remain protected.

"We continue to encourage staff to be vaccinated and to offer access to expert clinicians to answer questions related to the vaccine.

"Unfortunately, if patient facing staff are not double vaccinated by March31 they will either have had to seek redeployment or will be dismissed, in line with the legislation."

Despite widespread protests and calls to delay the policy, the Department for Health and Social Care says there are no plans to extend the deadline and that ensuring staff are vaccinated is the "right thing to do".

A spokesperson for the department said: "Health and social care workers look after the most vulnerable people in society, who could face serious health consequences if exposed to the virus.

"Ensuring staff are vaccinated is the right thing to do to protect patients and those in care."