WITH stunning dance moves and lots of drama, Birmingham Royal Ballet's new production, Don Quixote, captivated many hearts, including mine, and left us all wanting more. 

The world premiere of the new show that took place last night in Mayflower Theaters was a treat for the audience, providing them with an escape into this magnificent world of colours.

The must-see ballet is based on Spain's most famous novel, Miguel de Cervantes' Don Quixote, and it follows the adventure of the knight Don Quixote and his servant Sancho Panza. The ballet focuses on one of the tales in the book—that of young lovers Kitri and Basilio, whose hopes to marry are thwarted by Kitri's father, who is against their marriage. 

The company director and legendary Cuban performer, Carlos Acosta, promises that the show will put a smile on his face and bring a touch of summer sunshine. 

Trust me, he wasn't lying. 

Daily Echo: Carlos AcostaCarlos Acosta

I had never seen a ballet performance before, so everyone's performances easily wowed me. However, Mathias Dingman, who played Basilio, Kitri's lover, stood out the most to me. Mathias graced the stage with powerful moves and passionate acting. All of his twists and turns landed perfectly, and he could easily catch one's attention.

Daily Echo: Mathias DingmanMathias Dingman

Having said that, at last night's premiere, every performer gave their best while remaining professional. And the audience was in awe when the lovers, Kitri and Basilio, finally got the happy ending that they deserved.

The show was 2 hours and 42 minutes long, and every moment of it was worth it. 

Don Quixote runs until February 12th. Next up is The Book of Mormon, as The New York Times calls it, 'The best musical of this century.'