AFTER 20 draws of the weekly lottery for Southampton, £3,480 has been donated to good causes and £475 paid out in prize money to supporters with three or more matched balls.

A total of 47 causes have signed up for SO:Lotto since its launch in September by Southampton Voluntary Services (SVS).

An impressive 5,797 tickets have been purchased across the 20 weekly draws with 127 local winners over the last 20 draws matching two or more balls.

SO:Lotto has been set up as a fundraising tool for Southampton communities and people.

It is open for city groups and charities to sign up to for free.

Groups receive their own dedicated SO:Lotto page and marketing materials to share with their supporters.

“We joined SO:Lotto at the start to try and raise funds as we had lost our normal fundraising options during the pandemic," said Andy Mather, Chair of The Saints Disabled Supporters’ Association (SDSA).

"We post regular updates on our social channels, and it is always good when someone that has selected the SDSA as their chosen cause wins (which is quite often!). With SO:Lotto it is a win-win as the SDSA get much needed income and our supporters also see their tickets win."

Tara Doel from SVS, added: “As the operator of SO:Lotto we are really pleased that it has been popular with both good causes in the city and those supporting them to raise funds.

"Saturday night is SO:LOTTO night and it’s great that we have already had a large number of local people matching winning balls and receiving prizes whilst supporting their chosen local cause”.

To sign up, or for more information on the SO:Lotto scheme, email or visit