A SENIOR politician in Southampton has insisted new 20mph zones will force people to slow down.

It comes as 14 areas are set to get 20mph limits put in over the next two years in a bid to improve safety.

Councillor Jeremy Moulton, Deputy Leader at Southampton City Council, said he has discussed the £1m plans with Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones.

He said people will listen to the new limits and all of the new measures will be enforceable by police.

He told the Echo: “People do slow down as a result of 20 miles per hour.”

He said county council bosses are now considering bringing slower limits in across parts of Hampshire.

The first of the new city limits are set to go out for consultation in the next month with roads in the Flowers Estate and parts of Bassett due to have works first.

Some 47 requests were made for the new measures from residents’ associations.

“We were surprised at quite how much interest there was,” Cllr Moulton said.

“I definitely think we will go further.”

The council is also due to double the amount of vehicle-activated warning speed signs in the city in a bid to slow drivers.

Labour leader of the opposition, Cllr Satvir Kaur, criticised the lack of plan for enforcement.

She said: “It is disappointing however that none of these plans come with effective enforcement.

“We know that 87 per cent of drivers ignore 20mph limits when given the opportunity, so enforcement and improved infrastructure is critical to ensure these chosen areas are successful in delivering safer streets.”

A spokesperson for campaign group Southampton Street Space added: “ We have always been strong supporters of 20 mph limits.

"We are very happy that almost the whole of central Southampton is being proposed as a 20mph zone on residential streets and that areas that have missed this opportunity will have a chance to also apply.

"The long timetable for these improvements, and the ‘further consultation ‘ is however a little disappointing, and we still believe that a blanket 20mph limit would be more beneficial."