STRONG winds and heavy snow were forecast to hit Southampton on Wednesday - although that never happened.

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The forecast was not shared by the Met Office, which predicted heavy rain showers instead of snow.

To make up for the disappointment - or otherwise - the Daily Echo looks back at images of when snow fell in the 1980s.

Most of the time the snow falls, an unavoidable list of occurrences follows.

Schools close for a day or two and children spend their mornings outside making snowmen or sledging down hills. Most of them are overjoyed at having the extra time off.

Daily Echo: Snow pics and sledging at Netley. Winter snow scene. Cold weather pictures. 11th Jan 1982.   3883h - REF © THE SOUTHERN DAILY ECHO ARCHIVES.  Tel: +4423 8042 4479.

Police are kept busy with accidents on the roads and ambulance crews and emergency services see a hike in calls.

Trains and flights coming in and out of the county often experience delays, and energy companies see a spike in usage as residents attempt to get cosy indoors.

Snow can be a fun novelty for a while, but it's not without its problems.