NINE-piece dub, ska, roots and reggae band Gentleman’s Dub Club return to Southampton next week as part of their long-awaited 2022 live tour.

Used to causing a stir with their high-powered live shows and zesty tunes, they can't wait to return to Engine Rooms on Thursday (March 10) after a lengthy Covid induced hiatus from touring.

Toby Davies (bass, synths) told the Daily Echo: "The connection we have with so many fans that we’ve seen time and time again is something we are so grateful for. Them coming back to see us every time means the world to us, so to get to see them all again is the thing we’re most looking forward to, as well as seeing some new faces. The whole thing might be too much, to be honest. I might just explode with emotion! We’ve been in the shed absolutely itching to get out, so people are going to see some very excitable guys onstage playing new music, with new pyrotechnics and new guests, as well as all the old stuff too. It’ll be what we normally do…but times a million. We’ve certainly got some special treats prepared!

Daily Echo:

Vocalist Jonathan Scratchley added: "Being in a band is so enriching to my life, so to go back on the road, I’m as excited about being together with my mates for four weeks as I am about the shows themselves, which are going to be amazing."

Since their formation in early 2006, Gentleman's Dub Club have made a name for themselves as one of the most respected names in dub music.

GDC have been on tour for nearly 14 years, and are festival favourites across the UK and Europe, and have found themselves regularly playing to crowds of 10,000 or more.

With seven studio albums and numerous singles and remixes under their belts, GDC never stop working. 2021 saw the release of their Down to Earth LP including their hit honey with Hollie Cook.

Their 2022 show is set to be a smash with tickets very scarce.