BOROUGH chiefs have been left "stunned" after a councillor was "verbally abused" during a council meeting. 

Cllr Tina Campbell took to social media after an incident that is said to have taken place during an online meeting about housing.

In a post on social media, the independent politician who represents the Eastleigh Central ward claimed she was abused and sworn at by fellow councillor, Tanya Park. 

The "outburst" involving the word "cow" reportedly happened just after Cllr Campbell asked a question. 

In the Facebook post, Cllr Campbell said: "As I am sure you can imagine both Cllrs and Officers were completely stunned by this unexpected outburst from Cllr Park – although of course at the time it wasn’t known who had made the comment".

The briefing was then restarted with assurance from the chief executive of the authority that an investigation would be launched.

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But now, Cllr Campbell has revealed that Cllr Park has apologised to her personally after the incident at the end of February.

She added: "Cllr Park has offered her sincere apologies for this outburst and the hurt and distress she has caused me.

"She went on to explain that the outburst wasn't in response to my question at the briefing rather it was in response to a post I had made on my Cllr Facebook page that she was reading at the same time.

"It seems then that it was just an incredible albeit unfortunate coincidence of timing that my question and her outburst coincided perfectly.

"Cllr Park said she had no idea that her outburst was the reason for the disturbance as she thought her microphone was switched off when she made it.

"She said she had been so busy at work last week that she had paid little attention to her council emails so it was only on Tuesday of this week that she realised that her comment might have been to blame and she immediately contacted Council officers."

Now councillor Campbell has said she is "content to draw a line under this matter", adding that she has found the incident "distressing". 

A spokesperson for the borough council told the Echo: "The Council takes all conduct complaints, whether involving staff or elected members, very seriously.

"This incident was investigated by the Council’s Monitoring Officer under our Code of Conduct guidelines, and an apology was subsequently offered, which has been accepted.

"The case is now closed, but a reminder has been issued around the duties of a Councillor in public office, and a record will be retained on file.”

The Echo has approached Councillor Park for comment.