Millions of families around the globe are preparing to celebrate the Hindu festival of Holi.

Nearly as joyful as it is photogenic, the Hindu festival of Holi is known informally as the 'festival of love' and represents the triumph of good over evil.

Following an ancient custom, those celebrating drench themselves in much brightly coloured powder as possible, then spread it even more with water balloons and water guns.

Holi, which marks the advent of spring, is not just widely celebrated in India, Nepal and other South Asian countries but within the British-Hindu community.

Daily Echo: Bags of gulal powder, pictured. Photo via Canva/Pixabay.Bags of gulal powder, pictured. Photo via Canva/Pixabay.

Here's what you need to know about Holi in 2022.

When is Holi festival in 2022?

Holi is mainly celebrated across March 17 and 18 in India.

Where is Holi celebrated?

You don't have to go overseas to celebrate the Hindu festival of Holi, though places like New Delhi are known for having amazing celebrations full of song and dance.

Holi is celebrated all over the world – partly due to the large Indian and Nepali diaspora.

What are Hindu traditions for Holi?

Originating in India, Holi is a two-day Hindu event known as the festival of colours.

Preparations often begin days before as people stock up on materials for bonfires, fill their cupboards with party food and some cook up traditional meals or Hindu sweets.

On the eve of Holi, Hindu families and friends gather round the bonfire to burn the demonic entity Holika, an event which symbolises the good in the world overcoming evil.

The second day of Holi is one that most people will have seen in media or photographs, as groups gather to throw colourful perfumed powder called gulal at each other and spritz water on the paint to make it stay.

Daily Echo: Children celebrate Holi, pictured. Photo via Canva/Pixabay.Children celebrate Holi, pictured. Photo via Canva/Pixabay.

Once the paint and participants are all cleaned up, it is time to dress up in one's best attire for an evening of celebration with friends and relatives.  

People also exchange traditional sweets.

Some places celebrate Holi for much longer

Why do people celebrate Holi and what is the meaning of the festival?

Holi is not only about good overcoming evil but the start of Spring, a symbol of forgiveness and new beginnings.

There are lots of Hindu legends that are believed to contribute to the meaning of the Holi festival.

One of the main legends which links to Holi follows demon siblings Holika and Hiranyakashipu.

Meanwhile the Legend of Krishna could explain why everyone throws colourful gulal powder at one another.

The legend of Krishna could also be why Holi is known as the ‘festival of love’, celebrating Krisha and the love of his life Radha's connection.