A SPEEDING driver was texting her estranged husband when she hit a teenage cyclist at a major road junction in Southampton, jurors heard.

Kiera Coultas, 25, was replying to a message when she crashed into 19-year-old scaffolder Jordan Wickington, it was alleged.

The teenager - who was not wearing a helmet - died from head injuries in hospital later the same day.

Prosecutor David Jenkins told the city crown court: "She was texting at the time of the impact and that's why she didn't see the cyclist."

The accident happened at the junction of West Quay Road and Mountbatten Way shortly after 7am on February 7 last year. Jordan was cycling in the direction of Totton along Mountbatten Way.

Jurors heard that Jordan, who lived in Woolston Road, Netley, had momentarily stopped at the traffic lights but then went through them when they were red.

He was about two-thirds across the junction when Coultas struck him in her BMW.

She had driven along West Quay Road, intending to turn left into Mountbatten Way. She was on her way to see her estranged husband at the hotel where she worked.

Mr Jenkins said: "It was a cold, clear morning, not quite daylight, and the street lights were still on.

"She had gone through the lights, which were green in her favour, and only saw the cyclist when she collided with him.'' The court heard that police could not understand why Coultas had not seen the cyclist and queried her speed in the 30mph limit. But the answer became clear when checks were made on her mobile phone.

Mr Jenkins alleged that shortly before the crash, her estranged husband had sent her a text. It read: "I hope ur up, have no bread if you want a sandwich, just let me know."

Mr Jenkins told jurors she was sending a message back when the accident occurred.

"Although she was going through green lights, we suggest she was doing that in excess of the speed limit, something like 40-45mph which is quite dangerous.

"If she was doing that and texting, that is certainly dangerous because she wasn't looking ahead."

Coultas, of Frost Lane, Hythe, denies causing death by dangerous driving.