UNMARKED high-performance motorbikes will soon be used in the fight against 'high risk' and anti-social drivers.

Hampshire's Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones is spending £65,000 on the three motorbikes as 'existing tactical options are limited'.

Inspector Andy Tester, from the force's Road Policing Unit, requested the video-camera fitted bikes that will be used by plainclothes and uniformed officers.

It comes as the RPU said marked vehicles deter offenders while present but drivers can quickly behave badly once police are out of sight.

Current unmarked cars "lack the manoeuvrability to be sufficiently effective," a report said.

It added: "Through the use of unmarked motorcycles equipped with video recording equipment, ridden by officers both in and out of uniform, the RPU will gather evidence of high risk and anti-social road use and prosecute those responsible for using vehicles in a way that places themselves and others at risk and seriously affects the quality of life of local people."

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The bikes will be brought in with an expected lifespan of five years and will not be replaced.

A report into the bikes said: "The unmarked motorcycles are the only way to identify, evidence and address high risk and anti-social road use in some environments where they will allow officers to create a climate of uncertainty for those whose behaviour is the worst.

"Evidence can be gathered for either immediate intervention or slow time prosecution with tactical use of social media to highlight positive outcomes."

It added: "These vehicles will complement other measures being taken to give officers new tactics to combat high-risk vehicle use on rural high-speed roads where residents have complained for years about high levels of noise and disturbance.

"It will also enable officers to patrol high-risk routes in urban areas and deal with urban ASB involving motorcycles."

The purchase was signed off earlier this year and the bikes are due to be on the roads by next month, or May at the latest.

As reported, three dirt bikes have also been bought at a cost of £15,000 in a bid to tackle "an escalation in serious criminality including violence, drugs supply and disorder facilitated by the use of two-wheeled vehicles".

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