More than 100 people took to the streets of Southampton to protest the Cost of Living Crisis.

This was the third protest taking place this year in the city to highlight how the spiralling costs of everyday living is affecting the public.

Today's protest took place outside Southampton Guildhall and was organised by Southampton People's Assembly and the People's Assembly Against Austerity.

Daily Echo:

Protesters are calling for rise in wages, justice for the 800 P&O employees who were laid off, and lower energy and food prices.

Helen Field, chair of Southampton Unite Community, told the Daily Echo: "It's a national day of action against the cost of living increase. We are so concerned about it and we want to come out and stand up for people who may not be here themselves."

Daily Echo:

She added: "Millions of people are affected by this crisis, and it's coming from all sides. It's not just energy bills that are rising. We've got food, petrol, and water prices that are being affected too, and it is horrendous.

"All these prices need to come down."

"At the same time, nobody's benefits, wages, or pension is going up."

She is now calling for the government to tax the "wealthy" and freeze the bills for families who are struggling. She is also asking the government to increase benefits and pensions, and make the national minimum wage £15 per hour. 

Meanwhile, Sean Cannon, Secretary of Southampton People's Assembly, said: "We are protesting today against the cost of living crisis, which doesn't have to happen. It is not necessary."

Daily Echo:

"We are about to enter into a tsunami of poverty and financial difficulty.  "It's terrible to see people struggling to pay their bills. I am okay, but there are a lot of people I know in this city who are really going to struggle for the next few months," he added. 

Daily Echo:

The strike took place from 2pm until 4pm and protesters were seen carrying placards that read: "Tax the rich and not us," "People before profit," "Resist all P&O job cuts," and more. 

From Guildhall Square, protesters marched through the streets of the city and assembled at Bargate, where the event will come to an end.