A STUDENT art exhibition has thrown open its doors in Southampton this weekend. 

'Connections' is a free exhibition that is open to the public and is being displayed at Southampton’s Guildhall Square from Saturday, 2 April until Wednesday, 6 April.

It is being exhibited in re-purposed shipping containers, where visitors will be invited to walk around and get closer to the artwork.

Each of the students will be interpreting the theme of ‘Connections’ through a range of media, including sculpture, digital drawing, and painting.

Some of the artists will be exploring Southampton’s history, while others will be examining the social and cultural aspects of life in the city.

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Georgia Menear, one of the students exhibiting work at the exhibition, says: "We are confident from this experience that we will be able to work together and arrange more exhibitions in the future, whether that happens in our final year of university or on our own as our careers develop. We really hope people come to visit our ‘Connections’ exhibition in Guildhall Square, and we look forward to sharing our work with the people of Southampton."

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Over the past few months, the students have been working together and learning as a group how to successfully set up an exhibition as part of their collaboration module at university. During this time, they have all gained new skills such as communication, teamwork, self-motivation, delegation, organisation, time-management, commercial and professional skills, as well as installation and curation. 

Solent believes that the exhibition is a step towards developing their confidence in promoting their work.