A HAMPSHIRE college has invested £1.4 million in new facilities to support future skills training.

This investment will benefit Fareham College's Bishopsfield Road Campus and comes ahead of an "ambitious" project. 

The new government-funded ‘Energy Hub’ will be open for students joining the college in September 2022.

Integrated technology will include electric and hybrid vehicle charging points, ground and air source heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, tech for smart homes and modern work areas and information technology.

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Andrew Kaye, Principal and CEO at Fareham College, said: "I am delighted we have been able to direct investment in an area that will train people for jobs, which are very much in demand and using technologies which will help reduce our carbon footprint.

"The college is committed to supporting people to achieve their career ambitions.

"At the same time, we recognise our role in helping protect the environment. These facilities help achieve both of those aims."

Employer engagement and involvement will be a priority of the centre, working alongside regional and national organisations to deliver a curriculum in line with current and future skill requirements.