A LECTURER at Southampton University was assaulted after running over to a car and trying to grab one of the occupants, a court heard.

Two men have gone on trial at Southampton Crown Court following an incident involving financial management expert Peng Wang, 37, in Woolston last year.

Yesterday prosecutor Edward Elton alleged that Dr Wang was attacked by all four men in the car after going for a jog.

One of the two people charged in connection with the incident, Ricky Goodman, said Dr Wang lost his temper after becoming the subject of "general banter" as the car drove past him.

Goodman told the court: "He was very angry. He started shouting and waving his arms."

The defendant said Dr Wang approached the vehicle a few minutes later, leaned through the open window and tried to grab him.

"I told him to go away from the car and asked him what he was playing at," he said.

The vehicle was being driven by Goodman's co-defendant, Rory Marshall, the court heard.

Daily Echo: Ricky Goodman and Rory Marshall are on trial at Southampton Crown Court.Ricky Goodman and Rory Marshall are on trial at Southampton Crown Court.

Goodman alleged that Marshall's identical twin brother, Damian Marshall, who is not on trial, got out of the vehicle and punched Dr Wang on the nose.

Mr Elton said Dr Wang was assaulted by all four men in the car after he was racially abused and had the "temerity" to answer back.

The incident is alleged to have occurred on February 23 last year.

Rory Marshall said Dr Wang was jogging along Vosper Road when Goodman shouted "Get your knees up". He told the court "it all kicked off" a few minutes later after the car stopped behind a bus.

Referring to Dr Wang he said: "He came running over, grabbed the window and then grabbed Ricky."

The defendant alleged that Damian Marshall got out of the car and punched Dr Wang, but denied that he and Ricky Goodman also left the vehicle.

Goodman, 36, of Millbrook Towers, Southampton, and Marshall, 24, of William Macleod Way, Southampton, were originally accused of racially-aggravated assault causing actual bodily harm, but Marshall is now accused only of assault causing actual bodily harm.

Both defendants deny the allegations against them. The trial continues.