THREE new hygiene ratings have been released for eateries in Hampshire.

Conducted by the Food Standards Agency, the fresh scores were released this week.

Ratings from the FSA range from 0 (urgent improvement is required) to 5 (hygiene standards are very good).

The latest ratings, out of five, were:

  • FIVE: St Andrews Cafe, at St Andrews Church High Street Hamble-Le-Rice was given the maximum score after assessment on April 5.
  • FIVE: The Andover Tap At The Lamb, a pub at 21 Winchester Street, Andover,. The assessment was undertaken on April 7.
  • FOUR: The Cricketers Alresford, a pub at The Alresford Cricketers, Jacklyns Lane, Alresford. It was assessed on March 10 and published this week.

It is important to remember that the food hygiene rating reflects the standards of food hygiene, not food quality.