GOING against all odds, a Southampton student with cerebral palsy has received a National Diversity Award. 

Abbie Hills, from Hythe in Southampton, received the award in a ceremony that took place in Liverpool. 

The awards aim to highlight the outstanding achievements of grass-root communities that address issues in today's society, as well as to recognise their dedication and hard work.

Abbie was awarded the ‘Positive Role Model in Disability’, for her outstanding work in creating a more diverse and inclusive entertainment industry. 

She graduated from Solent University in 2018 and studied film. Her degree and her own experiences of living with cerebral palsy led her to start up her own agency, The Dazey Hills Company. 

The agency offers representation and development to actors and production crews in the UK. It currently has about 50 clients, all of whom are solely supported by Abbie.

Commenting on the award, Abbie says: "I was in shock when my name was read out. I was humbled to even be shortlisted for the award, let alone be the overall winner." 

She is also the founder of PalsyVibes, a lifestyle and awareness blog for those who live with cerebral palsy. The blog aims to inspire others who share a similar experience as her.