Labour have officially taken back control of Southampton City Council.

The party has secured a total of 13 seats - taking its total to 26.

The Conservatives, who had only been in power for one year, only managed to gain three.

For the first time in nine years, the Lib Dems are also represented on the council after Cllr Richard Blackman was elected in Bassett.

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In total, 17 seats across 16 wards were up for grabs in yesterday's election.

The new make-up of the council is 26 Labour councillors, 21 Conservatives and one Liberal Democrat.

Below is a full list of results for Southampton City Council.


Sarah Bogle (Lab) - 1,696

Charles Perez-Storey (Con) - 751

Joe Cox (Green) - 241

Josh Smith (Lib Dem) - 150

Graham Henry (Trade Union) - 52


Turnout: 23.32 per cent

Majority: 945

Result: Lab HOLD

Already elected: John Noon (Labour) and Darren Paffey (Labour and Co-operative Party)



Richard Blackman (Lib Dem) - 2,108

Neil Sahota (Con) - 1,406

Christian Cox (Lab) - 446

Mike Marx (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) - 51


Turnout: 42.65 per cent

Majority: 702

Result: Lib Dem GAIN

Already elected: Les Harris (Conservative) and Beryl Harris (Conservative)



Toqeer Kataria (Lab) - 2,230

Pritheepal Roath (Con) - 430

Ronald Meldrum (Green) - 255

Amy Greenwood (Lib Dem) - 178

Nick Chaffey (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) - 56


Turnout: 29.62 per cent

Majority: 1,800

Result: Lab HOLD

Already elected: Mike Dennes (Labour) and Jacqui Rayment (Labour)



Terry Streets (Con) 1,248

Andy Frampton (Lab) - 1,097

Michael Mawle (Green) - 141

Nick McGeorge (Lib Dem) - 117

Clara Asher (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) - 47


Turnout: 26.85 per cent

Majority: 151

Result: Con HOLD

Already elected: Matthew Magee (Conservative) and Elliot Prior (Conservative)


Bitterne Park

Tony Bunday (Lab) - 1,828

Rob Harwood (Con) - 1,573

Helen Makrakis (Green) - 394

Vanessa Fileman (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) - 61


Turnout: 37.79 per cent

Majority: 255

Result: Lab GAIN

Already elected: David Fuller (Conservative) and Ian White (Conservative)



Matthew Renyard (Lab) - 1,429

Paul Nolan (Con) - 1,338

Sam Chapman (Lib Dem) - 199

Lucy Mundell (Green) - 162

Maggie Fricker (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) - 41


Turnout: 31.43 per cent

Majority: 91

Result: Lab HOLD

Already elected: Diana Galton (Conservative) and Barrie Margetts (Labour)



Steve Leggett (Lab) - 1,989

Michaela Dowse (Con) - 903

Lindsi Bluemel (Green) - 261

Andy Beal (Lib Dem) - 238

Catherine Clarke (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) - 74


Turnout: 31.12 per cent

Majority: 1,086

Result: Lab HOLD

Already elected: Dave Shields (Labour) and Vivienne Windle (Labour)



Val Laurent (Con) - 1,645

Paul Kenny (Lab) - 1,201

Chris Bluemel (Green) - 208

Ben Curd (Lib Dem) - 161

Levi Wallman (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) - 50


Turnout: 31.55 per cent

Majority: 444

Result: Con HOLD

Already elected: Peter Baillie (Conservative) and Daniel Fitzhenry (Conservative)



David Furnell (Lab) - 1,622

Steven Galton (Con) - 1,511

Jonathan Bean (Green) - 281

Donna Dee (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) - 48


Turnout: 31.63 per cent

Majority: 111

Result: Lab GAIN

Already elected: Graham Galton (Conservative) and Jeremy Moulton (Conservative)



Eamonn Keogh (Lab) - 2,046

Tom Bell (Con) - 1,339

Robert Naish (Lib Dem) - 187

Rosanna Newey (Green) - 169

Bevis Fenner (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) - 30


Turnout: 36.6 per cent

Majority: 707

Result: Lab GAIN

Already elected: Alex Houghton (Conservative) and Joshua Payne (Conservative)



Lisa Mitchell (Lab) - 1,749

Katherine Barbour (Green) - 1,435

Vikkie Cheng (Con) - 456

Tony Twine (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) - 47


Turnout: 39.56 per cent

Majority: 314

Result: Lab HOLD

Already elected: John Savage (Labour) and Gordon Cooper (Labour)



Cathie McEwing (Lab) - 1,320

David Smith (Con) - 1,243

Simon Stokes (Lib Dem) - 157

Angela Cotton (Green) - 139

Pete Wyatt (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) - 44


Turnout: 36.6 per cent

Majority: 77

Result: Lab HOLD

Already elected: Amanda Guest (Conservative) and Sally Spicer (Labour)



Hannah Coombs (Lab) - 2,237

Alexander Winning (Lab) - 1,852

Andrew Hetherton (Con) - 1,592

Simon Howell (Con) - 1,336

Colin McDougall (Lib Dem) - 391

Sarah Wood (Lib Dem) - 557

Andrew Howe (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) - 94


Turnout: 40.86 per cent

Result: Lab HOLD

Already elected: Satvir Kaur (Labour)



Marley Guthrie (Con) - 1,660

Carol Cunio (Lab) - 1,283

Charlie Cutt (Green) - 180

Sharon Hopkins (Lib Dem) - 165

Declan Clune (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) - 31


Turnout: 31.4 per cent

Majority: 377

Result: Con HOLD

Already elected: James Baillie (Conservatives) and Sarah Vaughan (Conservatives)



Lorna Fielker (Lab) - 1,233 - ELECTED

Calvin Smith (Con) - 801

Thomas Gravatt (Lib Dem) - 424

Neil Kelly (Trade Union) - 38


Turnout: 31.95 per cent

Majority: 432

Result: Lab HOLD

Already elected: Matthew Bunday (Labour) and Spiros Vassiliou (Conservative)



Sue Blatchford (Lab) - 1,605

Jaden Beaurain (Con) - 1,316

Clive Hillman (Green) - 190

Colin Bleach (Lib Dem) - 165

Sue Atkins (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) - 68


Turnout: 30.27 per cent

Majority: 289

Result: Lab HOLD

Already elected: Robert Stead (Conservatives), Warwick Payne (Labour)


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