VOTERS in Fareham have continued to put their faith in the Conservatives following a gain of two seats at the borough council election.

This morning’s election results for the borough council saw wins for 12 Conservative councillors, three Liberal Democrats and one Independent.

Initially, Conservative leaders felt anxious about the count against the backdrop of national scandals, councillor Trevor Cartwright said: "There’s clearly going to be a protest vote.

"I think we have to accept that as much as we try to say you’re not going to vote out the government today – it depends how big the protest is."

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Councillor Sean Woodward, Conservative leader of the council said: "Many people are saying they’re happy with the way we’ve run Fareham Borough Council – a number of them aren’t so happy with how the party is in government at the moment."

However, after the Conservatives won two seats from independent councillors the mood improved.

Councillor Connie Hockley, Conservative candidate for Titchfield held her seat with a 774 majority.

She said: "I’m absolutely delighted and I thank the people of Titchfield for putting their faith in me once more – the conservatives work hard and we look after the people.’

After the vote, Cllr Woodward added: "We’ve got a net gain of two seats which is fantastic, particularly in the current climate.

"We have dedication to the cause and are delivering the best services we can at the lowest cost."

"We have a real care for our locality, Fareham is a wonderful place to live, to work, to raise a family, that doesn’t happen by accident.’

"Thank you, absolutely thank you for putting your faith in us once again."


Fareham East

David Hamilton (Lib Dem) 1059

Tom Davies (Con) 967

Gemma Oughton (Lab) 272

Lydia Brown (Green) 150

Majority: 92

Turnout: 41%

Lib Dem gain from Con

Fareham North

Pamela Bryant (Con) 962

Jeannie Wigmore (Fareham Independent Group) 528

Ciaran Urry-Tuttiett (Lib Dem) 365

David Harrison (Green) 220

Sean Schofield (Lab) 157

Majority: 434

Turnout: 40%

Con hold

Fareham North West

David Foot (Con) 766

Pauline Galea (Lib Dem) 416

Kerry Stubbs (Fareham Independent Group) 293

Andrew Mooney (Lab) 251

Majority: 350

Turnout: 31%

Con hold

Fareham South

Stephen Ingram (Con) 608

Gemma Furnivall (Lab) 484

Jim Palmer (Lib Dem) 236

Paul Stugess (Fareham Independent Group) 224

Nick Lyle (Green) 113

Majority: 124

Turnout: 30%

Con gain

Fareham West

Roger Bird (Con) 1,235

Rowena Palmer (Lib Dem) 383

James Webb (Lab) 275

Tony Goodridge (Fareham Independent Group) 229

John Vivian (Green) 126

Steve Richards (Reform UK) 44

Majority: 852

Turnout: 43%

Con gain

Hill Head

Steve Dugan (Con) 1,214

Gerry Drabble (Lib Dem) 881

Lynee Murray (Lab) 418

Charlie Read (Monster Raving Loony Party) 124

Majority: 333

Turnout: 40%

Con hold

Locks Heath

Susan Bayford (Con) 1237

Julie Kidby (Fareham Independent Group) 634

Angela Carr (Lab) 263

Darren Alderson-Hall (Lib Dem) 232

Majority: 603

Turnout: 43%

Con hold

Park Gate

Ian Bastable (Con) 1,110

Nicholas Knight (Lab) 448

Graham Everdell (Lib Dem) 368

Jan Mondey (Fareham Independent Group) 192

Tom Newman (Green) 210

Majority: 662

Turnout: 27%

Con hold

Portchester East

Chrissie Bainbridge (Lib Dem) 1,769

Paul Nother (Lib Dem) 1,636

Harry Davis (Con) 1,205

Manny Martins (Con) 1,128

Richard Ryan (Lab) 361

Leslie Ricketts (Lab) 345

Trevor Alford (Ind) 146

Majority: 431

Turnout: 39%

Two Liberal Democrat seats held

Portchester West

Susan Walker (Con) 822

Ashley Brown (Lib Dem) 801

Dominic Martin (Lab) 327

David Wiltshire (Fareham Independent Group) 84

James Durrant (Green) 78

Majority: 21

Turnout: 38%

Con hold


Seán Woodward (Con) 1,380

John Hughes (Lib Dem) 530

Verden Meldrum (Lab) 343

Majority: 850

Turnout: 38%

Con hold


Jacquie Needham (Con) 1,033

Jimmy Roberts (Lib Dem) 918

Aimee White (Fareham Independent Group) 228

Ivan Gray (Lab) 214

Majority: 115

Turnout: 44%

Con gain from Liberal Democrats


Connie Hockley (Con) 1,195

Justin Grimley (Lib Dem) 421

Bob Murphy (Fareham Independent Group) 325

Michael Prior (Lab) 294

Majority: 774

Turnout: 39%

Con hold

Titchfield Common

Jack Englefield (Ind) 1,00

Sarah Jolliffe (Con) 697

James Carr (Lab) 227

Sandra Abrams (Lib Dem) 156

Majority: 503

Turnout: 38%

Ind hold


Friar Burgess (Con) 1,437

John Murray (Lib Dem) 381

Antony Ferraro (Lab) 312

Kirsten Wiltshire (Fareham Independent Group) 207

Majority: 1056

Turnout: 42%

Con hold